Tips for Selling Real Estate in Vermont

  • Consider your property an investment and treat it like an item for sale. Detach your emotions from the property.
  • Pack it up. This will save you time when it sells and buyers will be able to visualize living in the space better. Less is more!
  • Consider the value of The First Impression. Do what it takes to make the property appealing from the first sight.
  • Be prepared to have the property shown daily. When we call to schedule a showing, the answer is YES. (Family gatherings/holidays etc. do qualify as exceptions.) If you leave for the weekend/vacation, please let us know and leave the house in show condition. This is the best time for us to show it as it does not intrude on your privacy!
  • Be proactive and prepare the property for transfer by:
    • Clean & service the furnace/heating system & chimneys
    • Pump the septic tank or be prepared when a buyer brings an accepted offer.
    • Install smoke & Carbon monoxide detectors per VT Law.

Click on the following link to access a more complete guide to selling.

To learn more about representation in Vermont please read the Consumer Information Disclosure.