Tips for Buying Real Estate in Vermont


Whether you're new to the home buying process or not, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Understand who represents you in a real estate transaction.
  • You do NOT have to sign an agreement with an agent to look at properties.
  • Work with a Full time REALTOR ® who will consider your interests their priority.
  • The process takes time. Allow time in your schedule to view properties, meet with lenders and other professionals.
  • Get pre approved by a lender. There is no obligation to the lender to become pre approved.
  • Be prepared financially: you will be required to provide numerous financial documents to your lender – plan ahead for these and the process will go smoothly.
  • Understand the market, consider resale value and thoroughly research all properties around your target.
  • Be Realistic with your finances. Have a clear understanding of exactly how much you can afford a month.
  •  Click here for a more comprehensive guide to Purchasing Property in Vermont. 

To learn more about representation in Vermont please read the Consumer Information Disclosure.