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2018 is on the books and we have new 2019 data to review. See how the new year is starting off, and let us know if you would like to talk property, we love connecting and exploring the options available to buyers and sellers. Enjoy the the snow, check out out Instagram and Facebook pages, and stop in if you are on the move!

Market data below is current through January 2019 and we have added Waterbury to our list! The first page for any town will give you a concise summary, and the following pages provide additional visuals and details. We also have custom reporting available just give us a call at 802-253-1553, or send us an e-mail and we will provide the information you need right away. 

2019 Market Data Stowe Morrisville Waterbury Lamoille County Washington County
January S-Jan M-Jan  W-Jan  LC-Jan     WC-Jan   
February S-Feb M-Feb W-Feb  LC-Feb     WC-Feb   
March S-Mar M-Mar W-Mar   LC-Mar     WC-Mar   


2018 Market Data Stowe Morrisville Lamoille County Washington County
January S-Jan      Full Report   LC-Jan    Full Report WC-Jan    Full Report
February S-Feb      Full Report   LC-Feb    Full Report WC-Feb    Full Report
March S-Mar      Full Report   LC-Mar    Full Report WC-Mar    Full Report
April S-Apr       Full Report M-Apr      Full Report LC-Apr     Full Report WC-Apr     Full Report
May  S-May      Full Report M-May     Full Report LC-May    Full Report WC-May    Full Report
June S-Jun       Full Report M-Jun      Full Report LC-Jun     Full Report WC-Jun     Full Report
July S-July       Full Report M-July      Full Report LC-July     Full Report WC-July     Full Report
August S-Aug       Full Report M-Aug      Full Report LC-Aug     Full Report WC-Aug     Full Report
September S-Sep       Full Report M-Sep      Full Report LC-Sep     Full Report WC-Sep     Full Report
October S-Oct        Full Report M-Oct       Full Report LC-Oct      Full Report WC-Oct      Full Report
November S-Nov      Full Report M-Nov      Full Report LC-Nov     Full Report WC-Nov     Full Report
December S-Dec   w/Graphs M-Dec   w/Graphs  LC-Dec  w/Graphs WC-Dec  w/Graphs