Selling by Season

Every season in Vermont has advantages when it comes to selling real estate.

We have gathered some data and ideas to help you as you explore listing your property.

Listing Your House for Sale in Winter 


When it comes to selling your home, many folks wait until the spring to list, but listing in winter has its advantages.

With many sellers waiting until the warmer weather to list, the quantity of houses for sale in any particular price segment may be low, thus advantageous to the seller as less competition can lead to faster sales.

If listing your property for sale in the winter is appealing, contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation market analysis for your home. In the meantime, here are some ways you can boost winter curb appeal and make your house stand out;

Keep It Clear       > Make sure you shovel or clear off walkways driveways and porches so potential buyers can easily access your property.

Keep It Warm      > Many of us keep the heat down when we are away, but having a warm cozy house puts buyers focus on the house itself, and assures them the heating system is up to task.

Decorate              > Consider replacing those potted plants with evergreen boughs in pots, or adding a string of lights to a shrub or tree, both will make the entryway more cheerful.

Update A Door     > With the bleaker colors of winter as a backdrop, changing the color of your door can add a welcome spot of color and give a welcoming first impression for buyers.

Update Numbers   > Are your street numbers old and faded, or maybe you never put any up? Adding a new bright set of numbers to your entryway aids in identification, and sends the message to buyers that your house has been well maintained.

Seasonal Trimming > While wreaths and garland shout holiday, a tasteful wreath on the door, or garland (with some lights??) on the railing can provide colorful contrast in a winter wonderland, giving buyers a festive start to their viewing experience.